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My Casa Bella- means-my beautiful home- but it can mean so many other things. How you make your home a home. The sounds of children or pets playing. The aroma of scones in the oven or a lilac candle burning. The flowers blooming in your garden. The home grown vegetables ready to be picked. Grandma's quilt at the foot of the bed. A fire to curl up to with a good book. Or just a family spending time together with love, laughter and a good time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!!

Hello, everyone!!! This has been the longest
that I've gone and have not
posted anything. I have missed going online
and looking at
blogs, but honestly, looking at the screen
made me very nauseas!
So no computer for over a week and if I came
on I would last maybe 10 minutes.
But, today is a good day. I've been doing a little
But the past two weeks have been tough.
I knew I had to take
it easy, but I didn't realize I had to really
take it easy.
I layed in bed one night thinking to myself,
what had I done!!
Was this the right thing because at that moment
I was miserable.
Naturally of course. You see, I don't handle
pain well.
When the nurse asked me what my level of pain
was, I said,
So he wrote down, zero!!!!
Thank goodness
for that because all the nurses and doctors
were so gentle and
concerned of my well being. The night nurse
after my surgery kept
telling me
"hon, its ok, you can push that pain button
as long as you'd like, it'll relieve
you every ten minutes"
Hooray for drugs, because I felt no pain
that first night.
But coming home Friday, well, lets just say,
I was scaring my husband.
Every bump, every time he braked, or hit the
gas I just wanted to either
cry or scream.
But he's been wonderful, he's taken such good
care of me, and my friends
have as well.
I mean, look at the gifts I received:
Edible arrangements from friends of ours,
I've always wanted one of these!!!
A coffee and tea gift set with its own
tray!! I've been snacking
on this with tea or coffee throughout the
Beautiful flowers in a teacup
Tulips, one of my favorite flowers.
And this set, tea with chocolates and
something that I can
soak in later.
Plus all of the cards I received in the mail
and all the food my friends
and family made for us. Even though,
I had food in
the freezer, they still wanted to
help, so why not,
and I want to thank
all those who commented on my last
post with their
concerns and passing along hugs.
It has meant so much
to me.
To know you were all thinking of me
during this
tough time in my life. I hope that as
soon as I recover,
another 4 weeks yet, that this
will be it.
I will have a quality of life,
to be able to plan
ahead and not worry about
what I'll feel like.
We shall see what the next few
months bring.
Right now though, I still need to
be careful what I
do, don't need to be layed
up any longer than what I have to.
So Dr.'s orders I am
taking seriously. But in all this, I have
lost 10 pounds!!
Not planned though, but evidently
the anethesia has made
me quite ill, and food right now is not
a joy but a chore!
The smell of food just turns
my stomach. I can
only tolerate very simple foods.
Rice, potatoes, chicken,
soup, fruit.
That's it, nothing more, and I love
Hopefully, that'll change as well. In the
the picture below is a Before picture
of our view from behind our
and below is the After view:
We are in a blizzard here in PA. They have
shut down the main
highway here, and the roads are awful,
you can't hardly see
in front of you. Its beautiful, but unfortunately.
my DH, stubborn man he is, is
traveling home in this.
So, he just called to say he is on his way.
After I hug and kiss him,
I will have to refrain from being upset with
him for even going out there
in the first place.
So, if you're snowed in, I hope you're staying


  1. So glad to know you are much better ! One day at a time... right ?!
    Look at all those very nice details .... you're in good hands ;-) !
    Once your stomach settles you will be able to enjoy all the yummie recovery goodies... Keep Warm !!!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are doing better! You have been on my mind alot lately. :) Hooray for all the nice goodies! How sweet of everyone.

    I am soooo sick of snow too! We've gotten more this winter than we normally get in a few put together! When will it end?

    Sending you hugs!!
    Sheri :)

  3. I too am so glad to see you are feeling better! Sorry about the nausea though. I'm sure that's not fun. Wow what wonderful generosity! The flowers in a teacup is such a frugal & green gift idea! I'll have to remember that one. =)
    Hopefully you will be feeling closer to yourself in no time.
    And glad to hear you have been staying warm. How many inches did you guys end up with? I was thinking about you when the storm moved out of our area and into yours.
    Well hang in there & take good care of yourself!!

  4. Welcome back, dear sis! :)
    You were missed. I hope your road to recovery is swift! Take care of yourself. *hugs*

  5. I am new to blogging and this is my first visit to your lovely blog via Twice Remembered. I'll be returning! I hope you are soon recovered and doing what you enjoy most. Until then get plenty of R&R and stay warm!


  6. So glad you're on the mend.
    It looks as if you've been well taken care of. :-)
    That fruit bouquet is so pretty! I'm sure its yummy, as well.
    Take care of yourself and stay warm. We're buried in a thick blanket of snow here in Ohio, too.


  7. My beautiful friend! I am soooo glad that you are back as well! We love you and are so glad that you are much better now. I don't know what I would do if something happened to any of you. You all have become so special to me, and when I saw your beautiful face on my comments, I was so happy. Yes, that is my wedding picture! Those were the days, long black hair, good vision....I am grateful for what I have left!!!!!

    May you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and many happy blessings for a lifetime! Anita


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