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My Casa Bella- means-my beautiful home- but it can mean so many other things. How you make your home a home. The sounds of children or pets playing. The aroma of scones in the oven or a lilac candle burning. The flowers blooming in your garden. The home grown vegetables ready to be picked. Grandma's quilt at the foot of the bed. A fire to curl up to with a good book. Or just a family spending time together with love, laughter and a good time.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Painting Party!!!

So today is the day,
Day one of painting our bedroom.
We've been here one year and eight months and I've wanted to paint our room the day after we put up the blue paint.
It wasn't what I thought it would be and we didn't have time to run to the paint store to pick out different paint color, we had to get this done.
So today is the day to finally get the color that I think I will love, I better because DH won't be happy if we have to paint again after this.
I also spent the whole day yesterday putting together 3 pieces of furniture we purchased from IKEA.
Unfinished dressers that I will be painting along with two pieces we already have in the room.
So this week will be a busy week and I'm anxious to get started.
I will post the before and after when it's all done,
till then,
have a great week!!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thinking of Gardening

I am really irritated with how Blogger has changed things. I want to revert back to the Classic Templates and when I do they do not allow you to make changes, or add anything to the site. Either I'm doing something wrong or
they're being irritating. I really don't like how my blog looks and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong
and I don't have time to sit here for a few hours trying to figure it out. UGH!!!
So we did a lot of backyard clean up, removing English ivy that was taking over,
pulled up dead bushes
power washed the decks
and raked lots and lots of leaves and there are still lots more to rake up.
We have this old shed that came with the property
It has mold on the outside so it needs to be scrubbed down.
Some trim has become rotten so they need to be replaced,
the windows are in good shape, not broken.
The door needs to be fixed as well.
Because the property sits on a slope, when it rains it just runs down and so the soil gets caught in front of the shed so we have to do something to keep that from happening.
I want to paint the shed,
trying to figure out what colors, I found some inspiration online through Google
OK this is adorable!!!! I love the colors. Our little gingerbread shed is the exact style as this one, but certainly needs a lot of work to look this way, but isn't it the sweetest thing you've seen?
I even love the chimney, I'm sure it's just decorative but what a nice idea.
This ones a bit more rustic but cute.
So many ideas on the Internet.
But we first have to deal with the water run off before we do anything to our shed, otherwise it'll just continue to rot with the water going into it.
So I'll have the winter to come up with paint colors, landscaping and what shrubs and flowers I want to plant.
That's where Pinterest comes in for all kinds of fun ideas.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

I can't believe that it'll be two years in January that we sold our last home and moved here.
It'll be two years that we purchased our town home in April and there is still always something to do.
We've done all the major remodeling, we still have those small tedious projects to do, I guess we're waiting for a good snow storm the kind that you can't go anywhere and you're stuck at home. Hopefully then we can finish those small, time consuming projects.
But our kitchen although not completely done, is for the most part finished.
When we first walked in to this home, the first thing you see to your left is the kitchen, it was not impressive.
UGH, the last homeowners removed the original cabinets which were oak, you know the 1980's oak cabinets so not so pretty but workable, they could of been repainted and all we would have to do is replace the appliances, flooring, lights and new counter tops. But no, they had to do their version of a remodel and it looked like this
They put in the type of cabinets you may see in a Doctor's office. I did not like them at all. Then add the high gloss blue paint for a back splash.
The only working appliance was the refrigerator and I had to get out hot bleach water to clean it down so it could be used while we remodeled our home.
At least the floors matched the blue and white color scheme but it was not for me.
Light fixture was hanging lopsided and too modern for my taste.
It all needed to be warmed up.
The window had to be replaced, and I've always wanted a greenhouse window and our contractor got a good deal on a new one.
So we tore everything out, EVERYTHING,
New cabinets with a creamy finish and bronze rubbed edges. Bronze hardware from Ebay and new lighting which was added by an electrician, there was no light over the sink.
 Need to get a stainless steal trashcan but why are they so expensive???
 Removed the bi-fold doors that were very awkward at the pantry and I sewed a curtain instead.
We also added this section to the kitchen, there weren't any cabinets on this side so I needed more hiding space for my collection of pots and pans and other fun cook ware.
And we can't forget the overhead lighting. Saw this at Lowe's and I had to have it, it's my bling for the kitchen. 
The only thing left to do is a back splash and I am having a very hard time choosing, or more like committing to something.
Tile is so permanent and not cheap and I found some at Lowe's that I really like, it's just making the decision.
I also like wainscoting as well.
I found several ideas on the Internet like these
I like that this homeowner used a tin tile for behind the stove to change it up a bit.
It gives the kitchen a cottage charm and I like how that looks so as you see I can't decide,
Tile or Wainscoting??