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-Thomas Osbourne Davis

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My Casa Bella- means-my beautiful home- but it can mean so many other things. How you make your home a home. The sounds of children or pets playing. The aroma of scones in the oven or a lilac candle burning. The flowers blooming in your garden. The home grown vegetables ready to be picked. Grandma's quilt at the foot of the bed. A fire to curl up to with a good book. Or just a family spending time together with love, laughter and a good time.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crafting Projects Underway

Good evening! Hope you're all well
on this chilly Sunday.
The sun was shining today, it was
beautiful, then suddenly
it started to
snow heavily as we sat at a pizza
shop, having a late
lunch early dinner, it looked
so pretty
but the temperature dropped
suddenly and the
winds picked up and all of a
sudden I changed
my mind on how lovely a day it
was! Oh well.
But I am happy to have one of
my Craft Show
projects finished. Remember
those papers
on my last post? No,
well, then here it is once
I LOVE scrapbook paper,
almost too much.
I buy them when they're on
sale, just
because, and I justify it
that one day
I will use them and I do,
honestly I do
as you can see in the following

(Here's that pretty lilac
one I really

I've made this one twice
and its sold
quickly, so I had more of
this paper,
the last one so hopefully
it'll sell as
quickly as the other times.
I only made six,
two large and 4 mini's.
I have two more
larger ones already made
but I have no picture
of, sorry.
I like to keep them fairly
I'd like my clipboards
to be used
and I feel if they have
too much
stuff on them, then you
can't write on
them, and I don't want
people to find
them just pretty, I want
them to be
practical as well, but
that's just me,
I know those who've purchased
them have stated
they're for someone who needs
something to write
on because of their occupation
so that makes me feel
good. They'll be
put to good use.
So I feel good getting
these done,
I am making some brooches
to take along,
and they're almost done,
but they need
just a few more finishing
touches, then I'll
show you.
I'd love to be able to make
some purses
and aprons, but not sure if
I'll be
able to, I have some made
but I'd hope
to make some more, maybe I
will, we shall
see what this week brings.
Well, good-bye for
Click on Link below to
view other
great projects.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Crafting Today!

This winter is the first
winter that
we've used this fireplace
Its been so cold this year
and we've
had plenty of snow as well.
But today
we're dealing with violent
winds that I'm
expecting at any moment to
be Dorothy,
but instead of having a dog
to travel with
I'll have my three kitties
going for a ride.
Wouldn't that be exciting!
So after breakfast,
(yes I'm having a very slow start
I will attempt to walk outside
to my workshop
without getting blown away and
work on my crafts
for the Show that is coming up
in a week!!
a week!
Don't panic! It'll be OK! HMMM!
Well, I'll do what I can.
Want a sneak peek?
HMMMM, what will I be using these
Well, you'll have to wait and see.
(Oh, Oh, I think I just gave
it away! STINK!)
Don't you just love
the Lilac paper, OHHH, how I yearn
for the smell of
Lilac's, the smell of spring. I have
one of these bushes, just
one, I know, I need more. I am
determined to plant another one this year
every year goes by
and I say that, so this time I mean it.
Well, need to have coffee
and some food, then I can get to work.
Hope you're having a
good day today, and if you're in the NE
hope you're not getting blown
away too bad.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Relaxing Evening

I've had a busy day today, it's been nice
to be able to do
a little more. DH had to work today, his
one Saturday every
six weeks, which stinks but it has to be
done. So I thought
I'd play in my sewing room for a little.
Looks like it exploded, paper, glue,
embellishments, stamps
everywhere, oh my!
My Sewing table, fabric squares all
neatly spread out by color.
I'm using some of these to make my
brooches out of.
My ironing board out, ironing fabric before
cutting them.
And all that on top are scrapbook papers.
Going through my
stash, oh, and I just realized my dresser
drawers are wide open.
So yes, I was in there, playing and making
a mess, which I always do
when I'm getting ready for a show coming up.
Sadly though, this is the first
craft show that I'm really not looking forward
to. I know its because I can't
do as much as I'm used to. All the sewing I do
and cutting and glueing.
Can't do that this time, so I'm just going to take
what I have and make things
that will be easier
on my recuperating body. My dear friend and
craft show parntner, Valerie, tells
me not to worry.
We'll have fun like we always do. I know
she's right.
The craft show iscoming up rather  
quickly, I try not to
think about it but
it's hard not to, its the first Saturday
in March. It'll be here
before you know it. But since I am still
so limited in what I can do
I decided to keep it simple. I have some
purses left to sell,
I'm going to alter some clipboards and
notebooks, I'm also endeavoring
to make some fabric
brooches. I have leftover fabric and
didn't know what I
should do with them, then I did some
research and found books
on Brooches.
How excited I was, then I went online
and saw others were
making them as well, so many pretty
ones out there.
I made these over time. They are so much
fun to make!
So today I spent time cutting fabric. Lots
of it. I can do that sitting
down, so that is good for me.
I purchased two books on brooches and
I plan to purchase
another one for more ideas. Can't wait!
So, after that, I was craving
It's been over three weeks since I baked
anything and I thought
I'd try it. It was nice to be able to bake,
I miss it, but now I
am tired.
I hear my tea kettle, time to make some tea.
Have a good night!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How are you all doing this evening?
I'm not too bad,
still trying to take it real easy, even
though that is
very hard for me to do right now. I'm
not very patient
so this whole healing thing is just
getting old for me!!
But, I know I have no choice in
this one. I learn
quickly if I'm overdoing it, so right now
I'm not even trying
to overdue it, because I pay for it, and if
you read my last post,
I don't handle pain well, and any little
tiny bit of pain I feel,
I freak out!!!!
So today I did go to work, only for an hour
thank goodness
its an easy job and my boss is so very
I did only what I could do and no more.
It made me feel
I got something accomplished today.
But since I am home and
I am a little better it was time to get back
into a routine.
So every morning, I make my coffee, feed
my kitties inside and my
one outside cat, then when coffee is done,
its time for some
spiritual reading. My goal is to read the Bible
in one year, although I must
admit, I've not been very good at doing. So
Monday was a new day.
I know when I take the time out to do that then
my day goes well,
and I feel better. So this morning I did that,
went to work, ran an errand
and came home feeling like I ran a marathon.
Which I hear is very normal
after major surgery, UGH!! Surgery!! Still
can't believe I did that, but I
knew I had to. So, tonight DH went out and
I decided to put on some
music and do
a very light cleaning. I cleaned up
my kitchen.
That felt good, now I decided to come
on here and just say

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!!

Hello, everyone!!! This has been the longest
that I've gone and have not
posted anything. I have missed going online
and looking at
blogs, but honestly, looking at the screen
made me very nauseas!
So no computer for over a week and if I came
on I would last maybe 10 minutes.
But, today is a good day. I've been doing a little
But the past two weeks have been tough.
I knew I had to take
it easy, but I didn't realize I had to really
take it easy.
I layed in bed one night thinking to myself,
what had I done!!
Was this the right thing because at that moment
I was miserable.
Naturally of course. You see, I don't handle
pain well.
When the nurse asked me what my level of pain
was, I said,
So he wrote down, zero!!!!
Thank goodness
for that because all the nurses and doctors
were so gentle and
concerned of my well being. The night nurse
after my surgery kept
telling me
"hon, its ok, you can push that pain button
as long as you'd like, it'll relieve
you every ten minutes"
Hooray for drugs, because I felt no pain
that first night.
But coming home Friday, well, lets just say,
I was scaring my husband.
Every bump, every time he braked, or hit the
gas I just wanted to either
cry or scream.
But he's been wonderful, he's taken such good
care of me, and my friends
have as well.
I mean, look at the gifts I received:
Edible arrangements from friends of ours,
I've always wanted one of these!!!
A coffee and tea gift set with its own
tray!! I've been snacking
on this with tea or coffee throughout the
Beautiful flowers in a teacup
Tulips, one of my favorite flowers.
And this set, tea with chocolates and
something that I can
soak in later.
Plus all of the cards I received in the mail
and all the food my friends
and family made for us. Even though,
I had food in
the freezer, they still wanted to
help, so why not,
and I want to thank
all those who commented on my last
post with their
concerns and passing along hugs.
It has meant so much
to me.
To know you were all thinking of me
during this
tough time in my life. I hope that as
soon as I recover,
another 4 weeks yet, that this
will be it.
I will have a quality of life,
to be able to plan
ahead and not worry about
what I'll feel like.
We shall see what the next few
months bring.
Right now though, I still need to
be careful what I
do, don't need to be layed
up any longer than what I have to.
So Dr.'s orders I am
taking seriously. But in all this, I have
lost 10 pounds!!
Not planned though, but evidently
the anethesia has made
me quite ill, and food right now is not
a joy but a chore!
The smell of food just turns
my stomach. I can
only tolerate very simple foods.
Rice, potatoes, chicken,
soup, fruit.
That's it, nothing more, and I love
Hopefully, that'll change as well. In the
the picture below is a Before picture
of our view from behind our
and below is the After view:
We are in a blizzard here in PA. They have
shut down the main
highway here, and the roads are awful,
you can't hardly see
in front of you. Its beautiful, but unfortunately.
my DH, stubborn man he is, is
traveling home in this.
So, he just called to say he is on his way.
After I hug and kiss him,
I will have to refrain from being upset with
him for even going out there
in the first place.
So, if you're snowed in, I hope you're staying