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Monday, January 20, 2014

Master Bedroom Redo (Again)...:) And Painting Furniture

It's been one year and nine months that we've been living in our home and I've all ready redone the bedroom twice.
The first time we had no choice it was just gross, but because of the rush to move in, their was no taking my time in picking out paint, so I chose what I thought was a pretty blue, but it was too much blue for this room.
So I had plenty of time to pick out something that I hoped I would just love, and I did.
Since we had the paint brushes out I thought I might as well paint our furniture.
It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, and honestly when it came time to do it, I had to really talk myself into it,
I even went onto Pinterest and looked at before and after of furniture similar to mine
and I finally did it.
So the furniture:
I purchased this antique dresser over 10 years ago for our guest room. And many times I've thought of painting it but never did.
As you can see, it's all ready for a paint job.
I didn't sand it, I used Liquid Sand Paper which you can purchase anywhere they sell paints.
I love that stuff!!!
Rubbed it all over the furniture I was planning on painting, let it dry and them primed everything. The paint I bought all ready had primer in it but I didn't want to take any chances on wood bleeding through.
So all primed and ready to go
I'm sure many of you notice the missing hardware on the right drawer.
When I tried to put it back on it would not work, then hubby noticed the screw was bent so we have to buy a new one.
When I removed the hardware before painting I realized someone put them on upside down, so I fixed that and I love how it turned out.
I'm still debating on the antiquing process. Not sure yet if I want to do that or just leave it.
The other piece of furniture, hubby was a little freaked out that I was going to paint it.
The Armoire!
The 1990's pine armoire from Broyhill.
We bought this set together after we were married for a couple of years.
After a few years with the set we gave my parents the dresser and lingerie chest but kept this.
So after years of pine it was time for a change and although the furniture in our room does not match, I wanted them to have the same color. I was tired of mismatched wood pieces.
Again trying to decide to leave it alone or antique it a bit?
Then we needed new furniture on either side of the bed and went to IKEA for that.
We bought the TARVA line, unfinished wood so you can paint it or stain it.
It's a very simple set that I painted, ordered hardware through EBay and the only thing they need are molding. So I need to go and pick something out
Priming then painting the dressers and drawers while watching Netflix on our laptop, time flies that way

So the after below, it needs something in the middle, between the hardware, deciding if I should put molding on just the top drawer or all drawers
I love this hardware, it's furniture jewelry 
The drawers are nice and deep and it is well needed storage 
So now the bedroom Before:
I like how the blue looked in pictures but not in person
So after
I really like this color, the bathroom also got repainted in the same family just one shade lighter.
So the only thing to do here is refinish the floors, again and add base board trim.
So glad we finally got this done. It's a real pain to paint this room because the ceilings go real high and you need a special ladder to reach those areas so we're happy this worked out because we plan to live with this color for a very long time!!!
So what do you think, antique the furniture a bit or not?
Add molding to all three drawers or just one?
Decisions, decisions!

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