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My Casa Bella- means-my beautiful home- but it can mean so many other things. How you make your home a home. The sounds of children or pets playing. The aroma of scones in the oven or a lilac candle burning. The flowers blooming in your garden. The home grown vegetables ready to be picked. Grandma's quilt at the foot of the bed. A fire to curl up to with a good book. Or just a family spending time together with love, laughter and a good time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lots of Prep Work

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long since
I've last blogged.
I've had alot on my mind these past two
weeks, longer actually
but more so
You see, I've been seeing a Specialist for over
three months now.
Its been frustrating, and overwhelming.
Driving back and forth
each an hour
and a half one way, sometimes
up to two hours.
Its been nice going down to the city
but I'd rather do that under other
circumstances, oh well.
My last visit was
right at the end of December.
That's when I found
out I'll be having surgery.
I know I've posted this before, but in case
you don't know,
I have endometriosis.
Not fun, has
made my life miserable since I was a teenager
but got worse in my 20's.
For over 15 years, I have tried everything and
anything out there to
help me cope with it, but now my body
has rejected
whatever can be done. So, it has come
down to that dreaded
"well, you have exhausted every means
out there",
says the Doctor,
"the only other options are, ablation,(yeah right
    you're burning up insides, I don't 
think so) another
type of BC, (sick and tired of taking
those) or surgery"
"Lets do the surgery". I said. "I've had enough
 of this!!"
So January 28th is the big day for me.
I've never had surgery
so I'm scared,
anxious, nervous, losing a little sleep
over it, but it
needs to be done if I want any quality of
life. I don't know
what quality of life really is to be honest
with you.
I'm young to be having this surgery
but, this is the result.
So for the next several days I will
be cleaning house,
doing laundry, and making meals that
I will freeze so all DH needs
to do is put them
in the oven or heat them up in the microwave.
I will be layed up for 3
weeks, so the other day, I went in and signed
up for Netflix for 6 weeks.
So lots of movies!!
Movies, reading, crafting, but no lifting whatsoever!!
Six weeks of no lifting.
I'm ready, its
time to move on
from this misery. Eventhough I'm scared, I'm ready.
But I have to stay one
night at the hospitaland I was not happy
about that. Since the
surgery is taking place
two hours
from our home, they want me to stay just in case.

Although I won't have a nose like that,
thank goodness,
I'll be layed up for awhile. So stop by and
say hi
especially after January 28th.
I most likely won't be
blogging after
that for sometime, but I will be reading
Feel free to leave me a comment,
they will put a smile
on my face when I feel like I'm losing
my mind since
I won't be able to leave my house for
that long...oh boy,
that'll be interesting, poor hubby,
he'll have to tolerate me.
I'll post one more
time before my surgery.
Now I've got to get cooking, and freezing, and
Bye for now.


  1. I'm sure the surgery will go fine! You'll be in and out before you know it and really... the knock out juice is so slick! Get in lots of fresh stuff: Fruit and watermelon. Your taste buds will be off until the drugs leave your system.

  2. When I had my emergency procedure last year I remember those feelings of worry and scared that I had never had before that day. I also wasn't able to lift or carry anything and I wasn't allowed to drive either, not that I would have wanted to anyway. =)

    Your hubby will be great I am sure! I know my hubby was so understanding with me and so eager to help and wouldn't let me do a thing.

    Well be sure and take care of yourself! Take it easy as it will take your body time to heal. You will be in our thoughts and prayers! I wish you all the best!!

  3. Yes... those are normal feelings (but sometimes our normal feelings and fears can drive us crazy ) but rest assure that we are praying for
    you and that everything will be alright ! And as Upon the Ridgetops mentioned, your hubby will take good care of you and most likely you will have lots of TLC from the friends !

    Good thing you are thinking ahead and preparing for those days that you will be down until fully recuperated !
    OHhh... and thanks for clarifying that you won't look like the sick guy on the picture... LOL... Girrrrrl ... that is a huge nose !!! ;-D

    Thinking of you !!!

  4. Thanks for coming over to visit me today! When I comment on someone's Blog, I like to click a couple of their followers and see who's out there. That's how I found you, but I don't remember on who's! I 'm glad I did though!

  5. Dear sis, you will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. *Hugs* I'm so happy that this is being taken care of so quickly. Just focus on how much better you'll feel after all of this. All my love, Bev. xox

  6. Thank you everyone for your sweet, encouraging, and uplifting comments. They have meant so much to me.

  7. Aw... thinking of you ! I'm sure everything will be fine. I personally hate it when the consultant says 'surgery', becuase it seems to me all they ever want to do is whip out their scalpels. I don't find they ever help with other things. Have you tried all the alternative options ? Even perhaps a Chiropractor ? I know it sounds mad but the right one could make enough of a difference that you don't need the surgery. It seems to me that surgery should be the last resort because really, who wants all that invasion if there is another option ? Just a thought.... if you've tried everything then fair enough, but if there is a chance of something else working, it might save you the inconvenience of surgery. Best wishes to you whatever you decide

  8. Good luck with your surgery...I'll say a prayer for you. Take care and just rest and in no time you'll be better than new!

  9. Oh Arlene,
    I'm sorry to hear that's its come to surgery.
    I know everything will be alright, but still, I understand the nervousness.
    Like you, I've never had any kind of major surgery, so its hard not knowing what to expect.

    Be assured that my thoughts and prayers will be with you. And I know your family and the friends will take good care of you. :-)


  10. This is my first time here and I love it. I'm so sorry about your surgery. This might be what it takes to make your life problem free! Thinking about you.


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