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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Need to be on a Diet??

Well, today I spent the day recuperating from my procedure yesterday. The miserable procedure!! When we arrived at the Urologist office, I then found out that what I was having done was considered surgery!! As I read some of the paperwork they were giving me to sign, I got more and more nervous. I was already scared, and now I was freaking!! My husband gently kissed me on my cheek and told me it'll all be alright and over before I knew it. In the meantime, behind us in the waiting room someone kept popping their gum out loud!
How rude, why doesn't the parent do something?

As a nurse came out and called someones name, I turned to find out the "child" popping their gum was a WOMAN in her late 40's along with her husband.
Are you kidding me? So obnoxious.
Anyway, as you can see I was easily irritated yesterday. Remember I've had nothing to eat since 9:00pm and it is now 11:30am.
Well, as I went into the surgery room the Anesthesialogist is trying to find my vein by taking the needle and playing catch me if you can with my small vein. I asked him to please stop doing that, so he removed the needle and placed it by my wrist. He's fortunate I didn't slug him, I tried hard to be nice, especially since he had the weapon.
Well, when I finally woke up, I came to find out the news I was hoping not to hear " you have Inerstitial Cystitis."
The Urologist told me before they took me in that there is no way I would have that. My symptoms were not consistent. During that procedure evidently I moved when they filled my bladder, so they increased my anesthesia which made it difficult to wake from.
After that news, this afternoon I did some more research and in order to control it, I have to take medication for right now, four pills a day, and I will have to change my diet. The diet is not fun, and I'm not happy.
Right now eating is not fun, the medication is making me sick. Everything I eat burns in my stomach. Food right now I'm not enjoying and I love to eat. But I made a yummy dinner:
                                                   Eggplant Parmesan

So I started out with a nice looking eggplant. I defrosted my homemade sauce and started slicing up the eggplant. You'll see pictured on the left Almond Meal bread crumbs. From Trader Joe's. It is so good. Since I'm avoiding gluten/wheat I use this to coat my meats and veggies with. Its not Gluten Free because they process it with wheat products, but I can tolerate that ok.

When you fry with the Almond Meal after two batches you need to wipe the pan clean and add fresh oil. The crumbs burn easily and you don't want that burnt taste in your food.

There is my Eggplant Parmesan, all baked and smelling yummy!!

I made Quinoa Pasta (gluten free) and delicious. I ate every bit of it and practically licked my plate. My stomach burned right after. I had wine with it but after two sips my stomach was screaming so I had to stop drinking that and get good ole water.
The diet for my condition doesn't allow me to have alot of foods and drinks that I enjoy. I'm trying to figure it all out. I have my Fibromyalgia under control, so thankful, my endometriosis is getting worse but I'll be dealing with that soon to get it under control, but the Inerstitial Cystits is out of my control for right now. I'll figure something out.


  1. Arlene I'm so sorry you're health is giving you troubles right now, sis. People with good health don't know how good they've got it! What a blessing understanding hubbies are, hey? I too am struggling with health issues beyond my control at present. (A possibility of Endometriosis, and in the process of getting diagnosed for Cushing's disease.)

    Your culinary creations look amazing! Mmm!

    Thinking of you...

  2. I'm sooo sorry too about your diagnosis and all the comes along with it.
    I hope treatment works soon so you can feel at least a bit better...
    keep hanging in there !
    I'm not good with keeping diets even if they are for my own good... sad ... I know !!! That dish looks delicious !!!

  3. I also am very sorry to hear you have been plagued with these health issues. I too have some health issues - a blood clotting disorder. *sigh* Won't we all be so happy when these health issues are rid of once and for all?!

    Your Eggplant Parmesan looks SOOOO good. It's making me very very hungry.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and it was very nice to meet you. =)

    ~ Jessica

  4. Gosh Arlene, I had no idea you were dealing with these difficult chronic issues. You hang in there, and try not to let it get you too down. It must be exhausting, though, I am sure. You must be one tough cookie. I can hardly believe you made that fabulous eggplant dish so shortly after your procedure! Clearly, you are nothing less than a dynamo.

    Keep taking care of yourself, Arlene.


  5. I'm so sorry you're having these health issues and I hope your new diet gets easier for you. Your eggplant parm looks tastey!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day! I appreciated your comment!


  6. Thank you every one for your thoughtful comments. They mean alot. I'm still dealing with it, but I will be getting a second opinon though. LOL

  7. Cooking can change one's focus for awhile. Eggplant is my favorite. I know it was tasty. I am sorry to hear that it caused burning..ouch! Hope you get well soon.


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