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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sewing Extravaganza

On Monday when I got up from bed I was determined to get some sewing done around the house. So I thought, its time to make my shower curtain and bathroom window curtain as well. I had everything layed out on my table in my workshop, so excited. I love to sew, but I still need to get myself psyched for it. Not sure why, but when I do, then I can't stop. I'm the Tasmanian devil then. I have to make myself stop in the middle of a project to go and use the bathroom or even get a bite to eat. Because once I start that's it, you can't stop me. So I layed my fabric out so you can see what I would be using: This is my winter colors. For some reason when winter comes around, some people tend to use dark colors. Which in turn makes a room darker. I can't do that! We have so little sunlight during the winter, and I hate it when we have to turn our clocks back (that's another subject I can easily get into) by 5:30 I feel like I'm ready for bed already. I don't like it at all! So this year I wanted cheery colors for the winter. Winters here in PA can be dreary and dark and that can be depressing. I like when it snows because it brightens things up outside without any sun. Anyway, I wanted pretty cheerful colors and I love floral and strips or plaids together and add some tassel and VOILA! you have happiness in a room even if it is gloomy out.
I don't know why, but I took no pictures of me cutting fabric, but you know how that goes, right? I had to move my project into my dining room since I needed a larger table to lay the fabric on to cut it. That wasn't fun, since my fabric kept trying to slide around on me, and if a piece of string was dangling then my cats thought it was play time. Or if there was enough fabric hanging over onto the floor, they thought it was nap time. I couldn't figure out why the fabric was quickly sliding down until lo and behold, but fat cat was trying to curl into it which made the fabric slide in a very quick manner. Bad kitty!
Sewing the hem of the fabric here above
Now adding the tassel. I love trims, they make such a difference.
The finished product
Can you see my window treatment? (Above)
The pretty tassels! I thought of adding them to the bottom of the fabric but what in the world was I thinking, I have cats! It would of looked like a massacre one morning, with tassels everywhere. That would of been bad!
No matter what I did, the camera would not flash for this picture because of the light coming in through the window.
But this gives you a better view of my bathroom with the window treatment.
So there it is. All done in one day. A whole day actually but what a feeling of accomplishment. Next is my bedroom windows. I bought a beautiful fabric for in there for this winter as well. So that'll be my next post hopefully. As well as sewing window treatments for my workshop. That one is way overdue. And I purchased fabric for our living room windows and it is MIA! What in the world happened to 7 yards of beautiful brick red toile fabric? The last thing I remember was holding the fabric up against the sliding doors with some tassel that I thought may work, then I folded the fabric and put it in the package it came in, and that is it. My mind goes blank. What did I do with it? I'm frustrated with myself. My hubby says its got to be here somewhere, but "here" where? We don't have that much storage here and so there is very little places it can hide, how do you lose 7 yards of fabric???!!!!


  1. I LOVE your new bathroom curtain! I'm laughing because my cat would demolish the tassel too if it was on the bottom...and I think it looks great at the top. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets started on a project and keeps putting off the potty breaks! LOL!

  2. What a great idea to lighten things up for the winter. You got so much done in one day. Love the beadboard in your bathroom.

  3. Love the new look! Searching for 7 yards of lost fabric...??? Welcome to middle age my friend! LOL! It only gets worse, just ask your hubby! Seems like I'm always looking for something, especially since I moved 3 years ago. sigh!

  4. Arlene! Bonjour! Thank you for visiting my blog! I remember you came by once! Your sewing project came out just perfect! Isn't it fun to create and dabble in home decorating? I hope you are enjoying a wonderful autumn! Take care, Anita

  5. Your window treatment and the shower curtain turned out lovely !!!


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