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Monday, October 5, 2009

NYC Trip and Handbags

Hello everyone. Well, we just returned from our trip to NYC. My second trip in three weeks, I love it. We actually went back to see some of my hubby's friends. Two of the couples were flying in and the rest still live in NY. It was a mini reunion for them. But we spent the whole weekend with two of the couples and had a blast. Vince and Wendy still live in Brooklyn while Kyle and Michelle flew in from TN. It's been awhile since they've been to the city so it was an overdue visit. So Friday morning we went to SoHo in Manhattan. Off the train we saw this cute French Bakery on Spring St. It was so tiny inside and full of people that I couldn't take any pictures sorry, but it was darling in there.

Below in Bloomingdales on Broadway. Michelle had never been inside one so we went in. It's four stories high and very old fashion. Hardwood floors, great molding inside. Really pretty in there. Stop by when you visit the area.
Spring St. station is where we got off for one section of SoHo. We were heading to Pearl River which I just realized I took no picture of. It is the coolest Asian store on Broadway. Whatever you need from an Asian decorating point of view they have there.

Then on Saturday we went out to dinner in Brooklyn to the Water Street restaurant. Yummy food and if you love beer and burgers this is the place to go. Atmosphere is really nice in there as well.
After dinner we walked around and across the street I saw another french bakery but this time in Brooklyn.
Then right next door to the restaurant we went into Jacques Torres Chocolate Cafe.
Need I say more!!!
So we walked off dinner and wanted to go under the Manhattan bridge where they renovated and added a park. When we got there, there were five wedding parties having their pictures taken. The brides were gorgeous and the brides maids just beautiful. This is just one wedding party that I had a picture off with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
Another view of the bridge with manhattan behind it:
Can't get enough pictures of the bridge with the city line:
As we continued to walk around we came to the River Cafe the 5 star restaurant in Brooklyn. It sits what looks like a dock on the water. I wonder if it rocks a little in there while you're eating? HMMMM
View of the Bridge again with sun ready to set. Just love that view:
This is taken on the Promenade in Brooklyn looking at the City line:
The Promenade is where they film alot of movies. They've been doing that for so many years now and I wish I could remember some of the movies but I'm having a mind block right now. The Promenade is in Brooklyn Heights.
We were on the rooftop at Vince and Wendy's place and was able to take these beautiful night time views of the City with the fog overhead. It was gorgeous. The Brooklyn Bridge is there to the right.
So after all that fun time in NYC spending it with great friends we had to come home. And I had to get back to work. So today I finished my last bag. YEA!! Done with that. I'd like to get a few aprons done but I'm tired and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or it could be bad allergies but I don't have the energy to cut fabric right now. So I'll wait until tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed my NYC pictures. As much as I love the city I don't miss living there. But I love to visit, especially in the Fall. Have you seened, You've Got Mail? The part where Tom Hanks is emailing Meg Ryan and he tells her that NYC is wonderful in the fall, its his favorite time of year there and he is right. NYC in the Fall is beautiful. I love that movie. I've watched it over and over and over again and I don't tire of it. I guess because it takes place in NY and I enjoy watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I may have to go put in the DVD player now.......

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